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Whenever an individual thinks about “cloud” he thinks it is a public cloud. Cloud means storage accessed remotely. The storage can be data or applications. These storage services are provided by various third-party service providers called public cloud providers. What cloud means is that any individual or organization can upload their data from anywhere over a cloud instead of storing it on a local server. That cloud is available all over the web for the public.

What is a public cloud?

The exact public cloud definition is, “a cloud computing model created by a cloud service provider or cloud services to share resources like data, apps, and storage for the public (the users who can access it using their accounts).” These services may be free or may have a pay-per-usage cost. It can also be defined as not a private cloud in which the cloud-based data is only available to a single organization.

Who is it for?

The public cloud is for those individuals who do not need the private cloud level of security. The data or apps in this type of cloud computing are not theft-worthy.

What does this model of cloud computing offer?

The public model offers:

1. More efficiency

This model is more efficient. Many of the public clouds use the pay as you go model. This means that the user only pays for the specific time and for the specific resources he uses. It saves time and does not waste the resources.

2. Better reliability

The cloud services are better and are more reliable. The reason is the cloud configuration. If one physical component fails it will not affect the cloud service. The service will keep running using the remaining fine components.

3. Cost saving

One of the biggest advantages of this type of cloud service is that the storage is mostly free. Most of the service providers such as Google or DropBox provide 5 to 15 GB of free space. The services who charge a fee for the storage space is also very nominal. For example, an individual may have to pay only one dollar for the whole year to get 20 GB of cloud storage.

How to choose the Public cloud services?

There are dozens of public cloud services. It is, however, important to ensure that the service provider is reliable. Here are a few tips that can help an individual or an organization to choose a cloud service.

  • The overall cost
  • The platform on which the service it is provided
  • The built-in functionality
  • The amount of storage
  • Backup policy

Top public cloud providers

One of the most famous public clouds is the Google Drive. There are many other reliable public clouds such as Amazon Cloud services, Microsoft’s One Drive, DropBox, iCloud by Apple, HP Cloud, etc.

The public cloud enables an organization or an individual to store and access the documents over the web. The best part is that the cloud can be accessed using any supported device such as a laptop or even a Smartphone or a tablet PC.

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