U.S And Canada Residency Programs During 2022



American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) and Ross University School of medicine (RUSM), announced quite 900 students and graduates had attained residency positions within us and Canada. It brings the full number of alumni at both schools to 21,700. AUC students achieved a first-time residency attainment rate of 91%, and RUSM attained a rate of 93.5%.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic tests the capacity of an already strained treatment system experiencing a growing shortage of physicians,

70% of Adtalem institution’s students and graduates who attained residencies will enter residencies in medicine, practice, or pediatrics – the middle of treatment,” said Lisa Wardell, chairman, and CEO of Adtalem Global Education.

Of the 909 individuals who attained a residency, quite half have already graduated and are eligible to begin out immediately. It represents a severe level of support at a critical time for healthcare providers. With residency placements in 42 states, including the giant apple, Florida, California, and Illinois, AUC and RUSM graduates have a chance to contribute to the countries most heavily impacted by COVID-19.

Adtalem’s medical schools are in a unique position to fill this need. Qualified students at AUC and RUSM have the power to begin their medical education thrice annually — in January, May, and September. This added flexibility allows students to induce their Doctor of medication degree at more frequent intervals.

As one of the foremost essential providers of healthcare professionals within the U.S., Adtalem is proud to support and contribute to the medical professionals working tirelessly in our communities. Additionally to Adtalem’s physician graduates, Chamberlain University, another Adtalem institution, has graduated with quite 3,000 Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students since January. It brings the full number of Chamberlain University alumni to over 76,000.

About American University of the Caribbean School of medication

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC School of Medicine) is an establishment of Adtalem Global Education (NYSE: ATGE), a worldwide education provider headquartered within us. AUC School of Medicine’s mission is to suggest tomorrow’s physicians, whose service to their communities and their patients is enhanced by international learning experiences, various learning communities, and stress on social accountability and engagement. Founded in 1978, the AUC School of medication has quite 7,000 graduates, many of whom add treatment or underserved areas.

Dedicated to developing physicians with a lifelong commitment to patient-centered care, the AUC School of medication embraces collaboration, inclusion, and community service. With campuses in Sint Maarten and within the UK, affiliated teaching hospitals within us and also the UK, and internationally recognized faculty, the AUC School of medication contains various medical teaching programs for today’s globally minded physician.

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