Most Effective Free and Paid SEO Tools



In order to perform research for any sort of company, product or services, it has now become very difficult to decide which SEO tool to use. There are many different types of online tools available. Most of them are free of cost SEO tool and some are paid SEO tools. Free SEO tools usually are small SEO tools with word count limit of 1000 to 5000. Many of the SEO tools have similar features but every tool usually has something unique in it that makes it different and more useful than others based on your need and choice.

The right tool gives you the opportunity to perform your work more effectively and efficiently. With the right tool, you end up working fastest and smartest.

Effective paid SEO tools

  • Majestic SEO tool; It is a very easy to use and effective paid SEO tool. Over the time it helps in reviewing the types of backlinks your competitor or you have developed. The data generated through this website is very easy to interpret and it can come as a very overwhelming tool for a beginner.
  • Site explorer; It provides SEO data by using its own index of live links. Its collection includes Domain comparison, batch analysis, SEO reports, back links report etc. Site explorer is a backlink profile checker provides information related to no of backlinks by running reports on suitable URL and domains.
  • The big data toolkit (Link research tools); Like the name suggests this SEO tool is very useful for large data information. It has combined knowledge from 93 different sources. Some of which includes Google majestic SEO, Moz etc. It is very effective and efficient as it provides accurate and errorless data in no time. It guarantees maximum possible links. Its efficiency rate is almost 110 percent more than another site.
  • The local SEO tool; this tool is also known as the white spark. It helps in managing the local search option available. The local citation finder is a part of white spark and it basically focuses on local SEO, which allows you to discover the sources for the citation for prescribed or particular keywords in a particular city. This tool also includes local rank finder, citation building, link prospector and offline conversion tracker.

Effective free SEO tools

  • Google page speed insights; this tool is most effective and best in checking the performance of your laptop and mobile phones. Just enter the URL and this SEO tool will check for the loading time and performance also it will look for opportunities to improve. It also gives user experience score, grading areas like tap targets for mobile phones.
  • Keyword tool; This SEO tool provides a large number of long and lengthy keyword opportunities organized in an alphabetic manner. Just enter the keyword and wait for the magic.
  • Google analytics; It helps in tracking down the traffic on your website.
  • Google keyword planner; It helps in gaining knowledge regarding what people search for. It is a SEO keyword tool you Just need to enter the keyword into the given tool and then Google will come up with all the helpful stats to provide the guide to your keyword strategy like monthly search volume and competition etc.

Google SEO tools usually come as the best SEO tools with multiple functionalities and free of cost.

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