How to install a WordPress theme?


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WordPress is content management system and publishing software which is free. It is open source that allows the user to create widgets, plugin, and themes. The user wonders how to install WordPress theme? For this purpose, he can install theme WordPress through different sources.  To install WordPress theme follow these guidelines

In order to get the right theme, it is important to install few themes and upload on the site that is suitable for the web page. To install various themes following are step by step instructions.

Step by step instructions

Installing WordPress theme is an easy procedure. One can follow these guidelines and get the answer to the question that is how to install WordPress theme?

Installation through admin theme search

  • If the person is looking for a free WordPress theme, he can directly visit the websites providing WordPress themes. There is an option of themes directory, click that button to open more options.
  • In order to enter to themes directory, the user has to log in first. If the person does not have an account first sign up and then log in to get access to the complete website.
  • As the user log in, go to an appearance in the main menu. Click on appearance, there is another option of themes is present.
  • After clicking it, the user will find another option of adding more. After clicking the button, the image will come in front of the screen. The user will find the option of preview and install.
  • Click install and download the theme of the choice to make the web page fascinating.
  • After installing, there will come an option of live preview or activate. If the person wants to activate, then click on activate the option.

Uploading method

The first method covers the free themes. In this method, one can install premium themes present in various companies WebPages. For the customized theme, the user can take help by uploading method.

  • The procedure is somewhat similar to the first method.
  • The user has to download the zip file that he has purchased from theme provider
  • After that login to WordPress theme website and go to the appearance on the main menu
  • In appearance, the user will get themes option.
  • Then click to add new, as the page appears, the user will find upload theme option. Click it upload the zip file.
  • After this uploading, click the install option, to get the new theme for the web page.

Installing through FTP

How to install a theme on WordPress is not a difficult task, the user can install it through FTP.  It is the advanced way, not for beginners. The user has to carefully read instruction present in FTP. Then, he has to upload theme folder there.

It is important to unzip the folder before uploading on FTP. After that follow, the same procedure to install WordPress theme as in first two methods.

By following these instructions one can easily install WordPress themes without any difficulty.

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